Patreon Rewards – July 2019

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What’s included:


Digital Art Package: Saffy & Grizzek
  • Sketch & WIP
  • Wallpaper (2 versions)
  • Twitter banner (2 different cropped versions)
  • Layered PSD-file
  • Timelapse video (made in ProCreate, so no workspace included)
Digital Art Package: Stormysteph, female Kul Tiran Shaman
  • Final portrait and badge (low-res)
  • Layered PSD-file
  • Workflow for the portrait and badge frame (step by step description)
  • Timelapse video (missing some footage near the end)
Digital Art Package: The Magician, Tarot Project
  • Final card design
  • Layered PSD-file
Tutorial: Lineless Rendering
  • Voice over video
  • Steps
  • Painterly mixer blending brush
Extra stuff
  • Colored sketch & PSD of Erica from Stranger Things
  • Pepe wallpaper

Detailed rewards overview (click here)
– 3 art packages
– 1 tutorial

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  • Use this digital product for small scale (home-)printing, for personal use only. However, the image resolution may not be suitable for printing.
  • Use this digital product for personal “projects”. For example: as your desktop wallpaper.
  • Use this digital product for educational purposes. For example: to study the PSD or use the art as a reference for art studies or cosplay.
  • Use twitter banners on social media (attribution is required, within reason. Include the following credit line “art by @frenone” or “art by” when possible)

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  • Post the digital product online. This includes, but is not limited to: social media, forums, and file sharing websites.
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    • This includes sharing with friends and family. If you know someone who would also enjoy this digital product, please direct them to the site where they can purchase their own copy.
    • You are not allowed to gift hard-copy print outs to others. If you wish to gift the artwork to someone else, I recommend you order a high quality giclĂ©e print instead. You can find them in my store, or contact me directly via when they’re not currently listed.
  • Profit from the product. Using the product in a commercial manner – in any way – is prohibited by this license.
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