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Pricing & Payment

  • Can I get a discount?
    Active coupon codes will be listed on the about page or any relevant product pages. If you wish to buy products wholesale and receive a discount, please contact me directly (shop@frenone.net).
  • Do you accept Debit or Credit Card payments?
    Yes. If you select Paypal as your payment method during check-out, it will give you the option to pay with a Debit or Credit Card. (See image to the right). You do not need a Paypal account, and you do not have to register or sign in to Paypal. All transactions are processed through a gateway provider and are not stored or processed on our servers. Your order will be processed once payment has cleared.
  • What’s VAT?
    VAT is value added tax (EU sales tax). All prices in my shop are listed excluding VAT. If you live within the European Union, any applicable VAT will be added during checkout. VAT tariffs are as follows: 21% VAT is applied to merchandise and 6% VAT is applied to art. For digital products, VAT tariffs are based on your country. Orders placed by international customers (anyone outside the EU) are not subject to pay VAT. However, they may be liable to pay import duties and taxes.
  • Who is responsible for paying customs duties and import tax?
    International orders may be liable to any inbound duties, taxes and administration fees which your local customs authority deems appropriate. The payment of duties, taxes and administration fees are the responsibility of the receiver.
  • Why are prices shown excluding VAT?
    This is due to the way pricing is handled by my ecommerce plugin. It also simplifies quarterly tax filings for me.
  • I’ve selected the wrong payment method by accident.
    Your order must be “pending payment”. Once payment has been processed the only way to change your payment method is to cancel, refund and reorder. If you wish to use a different payment method, you can find the details for each payment option below. Your order will not be shipped until the funds have cleared in my account.

Direct Bank Transfer: Account name: Frenone, Account & IBAN number: NL75INGB0007147376, Bank name: ING, BIC/SWIFT code: INGBNL2A. Please use your Order ID as the payment reference.

Paypal: Go to paypal.me/frenone and enter the correct amount. Please include your order ID in the note.

Debit or Credit card: Paypal allows payment through Debit or Credit card, without the need for an account.

  • Pending / Failed payment (Paypal or Credit Card)
    If you selected Paypal (or Credit Card) during checkout, your order status should be updated to “processing” almost immediately after your payment completed. If your completed your payment, but the order status still says “pending” or “failed”, then Paypal failed to return the Instant Payment Notification (IPN). I’ll receive this notification too, so I will look into your order as soon as I can and check if the Paypal transaction appears in my account. If your payment went through, I’ll manually approve your order. If not, I’ll email you.
  • Failed payment (Bank Transfer)
    If you selected BACS (Direct Bank Transfer) during checkout, you have 1 week to complete your payment. During this time your order status says “on hold” and stock is reduced. Once your payment has been received, it may take a couple days for the order status to be updated to “processing”, due to having to confirm this manually. After 7 days, if no payment has been received, the order status will be changed to failed. This will also release the stock. Please contact me directly (shop@frenone.net) if you run into any payment-related issues.


  • Can I cancel my order?
    Yes, you can do so here or (if you checked out as a guest) by sending an e-mail to shop@frenone.net. If payment hasn’t been made yet, no further action is required. If you have already paid for the order, but the item hasn’t shipped yet, you will receive a refund. This may take up to 5 business days to process. If you item has been shipped, please check out the Refunds & Exchanges policy.
  • Can I add something to my order?
    If your order is still marked as “processing” you can. Once it’s “completed” your order can no longer be changed. Please contact me (shop@frenone.net) before you place another order, so I can provide you with a coupon code to avoid double shipping costs and add a note to your new order with your other order ID. This makes it easier for me to link your orders and ship them as one package.


  • I’m a Patron, how do I find the patron-only product listings?
    For every Patron-only product listing I will create a post on Patreon (tagged ‘shop’) where you can find the direct link and password needed to access these products. Some products may be restricted to a certain tier-level and these posts may not be visible to you. Patron-only products include previous milestone rewards, leftover prints and exclusive pre-sales.

Product related

  • Where is my digital download?
    Your downloads will appear here, once payment is received in full. Bank transfer and debit card transactions may take longer to process and require a manual approval in some cases. If it’s taking too long, contact shop@frenone.net and I will look into it.
  • I’m not satisfied with …
    If something is wrong with your order, anything at all, please let me know. Send an email to shop@frenone.net with your order number, why you are dissatisfied and include pictures of the product (or screenshots of any digital product errors) if possible. I don’t want you to regret making a purchase in my store, so if you are unhappy, I will try my best to correct things. I can only do this if you tell me what’s wrong 🙂 so please don’t hesitate to e-mail me!
  • I found a dog hair…
    Ah, you received a gift from my little helper Chewie, my German Shepherd puppy. While I try my best to make sure no hairs are included, sometimes one slips through. If you found a dog hair, please let me know. I’ll post a picture of Chewie on twitter with an official apology.


  • What is Track & Trace?
    I offer two shipping options: Standard (flat rate, untracked) or Track & Trace (flat rate, tracked). If you select Track & Trace, your order will be shipped with a tracking code. You will receive an email once your order has been shipped and you can track your package on http://internationalparceltracking.com with the code provided to you.
  • When will I receive my order?
    I ship out standard mail orders daily. Tracked mail is shipped once or twice a week. Domestic and EU orders take 4-10 business days on average. International orders usually arrive within 14-19 business days and may be delayed as a result of local conditions or customs procedures. Unfortunately this is out of my hands.
  • Why doesn’t postage match the shipping price?
    If you selected Standard (untracked) shipping, the postage on your mail may differ from the price you’ve paid. Postage for standard mail ranges from 1.33 to 14.63 Euro and is determined by the total weight, which can vary due to different packaging materials (bubblewrap, cellobags, cardboard etc). It’s difficult to provide an accurate estimate upfront, so in order to keep things simple, I’m charging a flat fee for standard (untracked) shipping of 4.95 Euro. I do offer free shipping from time to time, so if you really hate paying for shipping (who doesn’t?) keep an eye on the homepage or my Twitter.
  • Can you dispatch my order faster?
    If you select Standard Shipping (untracked, mail only) and request same-day-shipping in your customer note, I can ship your order within 24 hours. For parcels and orders with Track & Trace I’m charging a 10 Euro rush fee, as I have to make an additional trip to the post office.
  • Do you offer (International) Express shipping?
    International express shipping is available upon request and will ensure your package arrives super-fast: Europe (1-3 days) or International (5-7 days). Please contact me about shipping options, to make sure I can make your deadline, before placing your order. Pricing depends on your tariff zone and starts at 32.95 Euro (see pricing table; US is zone 6 and costs 60.45 Euro). Yes, it’s very expensive 🙁