Copyright & Ownership

Many clients assume that since they are paying for a commission, they automatically own all the rights to the artwork. This is not true. Unless the rights to a work are signed over in writing, I (the artist) will retain ownership and copyright of the artwork and all preliminary work (sketches) associated with it.

Personal usage rights

When you commission a custom piece of art, you pay an Artwork Fee and you will be granted personal usage rights. This means you may print and frame it to hang on your wall, get a tattoo, use it as your desktop wallpaper or post a low-res, watermarked image of the art on your personal website (including social media). You may not mass produce, alter or use the artwork commercially.


If you upload the artwork to your personal website, you are required to use the low-res, watermarked version provided to you, add the following credit line “© Year – Art by Frenone” and include a link to my website “” when possible (within reason). The high resolution artwork provided to you is strictly for personal use and may not be shared or made available online.

Mass production, alterations & commercial use

Additional usage rights can be purchased for a separate Rights Fee. If you wish to license an artwork, please send me an email ( and specify the following:

  • Which artwork(s) you’d like to use,
  • how you wish to use them,
  • desired exclusivity,
  • in what (geographical or online) territory,
  • and the duration.

Depending on the category of rights requested, exclusivity, the territory and duration, I will offer you a license agreement. This can and should be viewed as a separate agreement (and separate transaction) from a commission.