Enamel pins

Ordering your first enamel pin can be intimidating.

As a pin fanatic and creator since 2017, I have invested a lot of time and money in finding reliable suppliers who create good quality pins.

I’m offering enamel pin commissions, so you can save yourself the legwork and benefit from my experience. No trial and error: you’ll receive a perfect batch of custom enamel pins with less than 10% flawed pins (or get free remakes*).

*Pins are a handmade product, so naturally each batch will have some flawed pins. Usually around 3-8% of the pins have some imperfections like enamel spills or underfilled areas. This doesn’t happen often, but when you do receive more than 10% flawed pins: send me a picture and you’ll receive a free remake at no cost.

You want to create an enamel pin, but don’t know how? I’m happy to help!

What I can do for you:

  • I can design a pin based on your ideas, or clean up and digitize your sketch.
  • I can help you pick the right Pantone colors for your pin
  • I always request quotations from multiple trusted suppliers and get you the best deal
  • I will handle all correspondence with the manufacturer for you

Extra services I can provide:

  • I can turn your enamel pin into a pendant to be used as a keychain or necklace.
  • Fancy extra’s like glow in the dark, metallic or glitter enamel, screen printing details on hard enamel, limited edition numbered pins, back stamp logo’s or text, an epoxy dome on soft enamel pins or different colors/shapes of back clasps.
  • Design, order and attach custom backing cards
  • Provide unique (optional: eco-friendly) packaging
  • Create a digital mock-up for your store, so you can start taking pre-orders.

What I can’t do:

  • Rush orders. I cannot guarantee delivery deadlines under 8 weeks. Not taking extra services into account, the production process (incl. international shipping) usually takes 6-8 weeks, but it can take 10 or even 12 weeks if you’re unlucky. Delays can be caused by errors during production, holidays, local weather conditions or customs might delay transit times – to name a few. I do not provide a reimbursement if your pins arrive later than expected.
  • Once the order has been placed with the manufacturer, I no longer accept cancellations or refunds.


Pricing starts at $190. This includes a custom design and international (drop)shipping.  If you order larger quantities or multiple designs, I can offer a substantial discount. More affordable options are available if you provide your own finished design or choose wooden pins instead of enamel.

Please email me and I will tell you more about the options and pricing!

Orders & inquiries:

If you would like to commission an enamel pin, or get more information first, please send me an e-mail to info@frenone.net and include the following information:

  • Your name and shipping address (include your country!)
  • General idea for the pin, or any design sketches you made.
  • Whatever specifics you already know, like the amount, colors, extra’s. If you have no idea yet, don’t worry. I’ll guide you as best as I can and will ask you all the things I need to know.
  • Deadline, if you have one
  • Your budget
  • Optional: I find it easier (and faster) to discuss things on Discord. Feel free to add me: Frenone#6278

The process:

  • You send me your initial email.
  • I’ll send you a reply within 1-2 business days with options/suggestions/questions (basically eveything I need to know to give you an estimate of the price and production turn around time).
  • Based on your additional input, we’ll come to an agreement and you pay a $50 design fee via PayPal. The design fee will be turned into a deposit on your pin order when you commit to the purchase of the pins.
  • I’ll start working on creating your design. You are given 2 opportunities to request revisions before we’ll finalize the design. Additional revisions are $10. If you change your mind and want an entirely new design, I’ll charge an extra $35. These additional fees will not be turned into a deposit on your pin order. Extra fees can be avoided if you provide a clear brief of your idea! For most clients the two rounds of revisions are more than enough.
  • Once the design has been approved by you, I’ll prepare RFQ’s and email multiple contacts of trusted manufacturers. Time between your initial email and receiving the quotations is usually 2-5 business days. It depends on how quickly you respond. Please take into account different time zones! If you are in the US or Canada, I’m 6 to 9 hours ahead of you, and my Chinese contact is 6 hours ahead of me.
  • I’ll share the total price for your order, as well as the unit price. You’ll have the opportunity to change the order amount.
  • When you commit to the order, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice. I’ll pay the manufacturer as soon as I have received your payment.
  • If there are any issues with the design or changes are needed, I’ll send you the adjusted digital proof provided by the manufacturer for your approval. If this happens, it’s within 1-3 business days.
  • Production starts (usually within 3 to 8 business days after your initial email).
  • If you chose any extra’s, we’ll discuss those now. Things like a digital mock up to use for your store (to take pre-orders) or any custom backing cards or packaging. You’ll receive a separate quotation & invoice for these.
  • Roughly 5-6 weeks after placing the order, I’ll receive a picture of the first finished pin from the manufacturer that I’ll forward to you. These are often poor quality pics with bad lighting and the colors may look a bit off, but it’s exciting to finally see your pin nonetheless!
  • Depending on the shipping options we have discussed, you’ll receive your pins within 1-4 weeks after seeing the first picture.