Patreon Rewards 2021-04

Download your digital rewards by clicking on your tier below:

Magic Seeker (€1)

Relic Hunter (€3)

Delver of Vaults (€5+)

You can download your tier rewards with the password that has been sent to you via Patron Message. The download links expire on May 14, 2021. If the download fails, because the file-size is too big. I’d recommend to download the individual files here or directly from Patreon (links to downloadable content can be found in the Masterpost.

Thank you for your support in April 2021!

I was going through an ‘art low’ phase this month, which means I hate all of my work (which is a good thing, because it means my eyes are improving, and my skills will hopefully catch up soon!)

I plan to do some studies in May, work on the other two backing cards for the stained glass pins set (Revendreth & Bastion) and finish two playing cards: Merithra and Ebonhorn!

With your help I was able to create:

  • Emerald Hippogryph | wallpaper, timelapse video, process gif, sketch, WIP, PSD-file
  • Delaryn | wallpaper, timelapse video, PSD, twitter banner, coloring page
  • Collector logowallpaper
  • Ardenweald (Mischi collab) | wallpaper, coloring page, timelapse video.
  • Maldraxxus (Mischi collab) | wallpaper, coloring page, timelapse video.
  • Tyranderp | Cross sitch pattern (by Sirithre)

$12+ Card Collector Postcards:

This term you will receive:

  • Cardback (March)
  • Taelia (April)

$25+ Collector Goodie Box:

The March/April rewards will dispatch as soon as the stained glass pins come in. There are some issues with production (they can’t seem to get the colors right) so these boxes will likely dispatch around May 10. See Trello for an up-to-date overview of the upcoming rewards.

March-April rewards: 

  • Postcards and 1″ button badges of the Azerite cardback and Taelia
  • 1 Black dye plated 1.5″ highly detailed soft enamel pin of my Necrolord crest design
  • 1 Silver plated 1.5″ stained glass hard enamel pin/pendant of Ardenweald, with custom backing card.
  • 1 Rosegold plated 1.5″ stained glass hard enamel pin/pendant of Maldraxxus, with custom backing card.
  • Pin-banner with custom Collector stamp
  • A3-size milestone poster (ReallyBadDrawings)
  • Forsaken coaster

Etsy perks

I’ll reopen my shop in June, stay tuned!

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