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You can download your tier rewards with the password that has been sent to you via Patron Message. The download links expire on May 14, 2021. If the download fails, because the file-size is too big. I’d recommend to download the individual files directly from Patreon (links to downloadable content can be found in this Masterpost).

Thank you for your support in March 2021!

What a month… Lots of real-life stuff behind the scenes that distracted me from work, but looking back through the March-folder, I have been more productive than I thought ? We finished the milestone painting! I had a blast and hope you enjoyed it too. I lost track how many hours I spent working on it, but it’s got to be around 40 hours at least.

To compare… I spent roughly 60 hours on the Kul Tiran vs Zandalari painting I made 2 years ago. It’s sometimes hard to see your own improvement, but comparing these two works:

  • I work faster.
  • My art feels more dynamic
  • My art is less over-rendered.
  • I have gotten better at planning the composition and colors.
  • Perspective, color and environment

I now better understand the feedback I’ve gotten from the art director and another artist that guided me, and I am seeing flaws I wasn’t able to see before. So yay for improvement!

With your help I was able to create:

  • Strike at Dawn | 2 wallpapers, timelapse video, sketch, WIP, PSD
  • Taelia | wallpaper, timelapse video, PSD
  • Study | steps, PSD and timelapse video
  • Doodle Me Fren | all the doodles I finished so far (feel free to crop / use your own art as you like!)
  • Mischi collab | 2 wallpaper versions, Coloring page, Photoshop brushes, PSD-file, Timelapse video.

In April I’ll be working on the last bunch of ReallyBadDrawings, my pin collab with Mischi, another playing card of course and we’ll be brainstorming ideas for a new painting!

$12+ Card Collector Postcards:

This term you will receive:

  • Cardback (March)
  • Taelia (April)

$25+ Collector Goodie Box:

The January and February rewards dispatched March 15. See Trello for an up-to-date overview of the upcoming rewards. March-April box will contain 3 enamel pins. 

  • Postcards and 1″ button badges of the Azerite cardback and Taelia
  • 1 Black dye plated 1.5″ highly detailed soft enamel pin of my Necrolord crest design
  • 1 Silver plated 1.5″ stained glass hard enamel pin/pendant of Ardenweald, with custom backing card.
  • 1 Rosegold plated 1.5″ stained glass hard enamel pin/pendant of Maldraxxus, with custom backing card.
  • That doesn’t leave me with much budget for other merch, but I’ll try to include some prints or stickers, too!

Etsy perks

I’ll reopen my shop late April with new products (the latest Collector merch). I’ll try to add some new notebooks and prints.


Here are all the drawings I have done so far. If you right-click your image, select “Open image in new tab” and remove “-150×150” from the link, you’ll be able to right-click and save the larger file.

For example, change×150.png to

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