Patreon Rewards 2019-09


Thank you for your support in September! With your help I was able to create:

Digital Art Package: Calia Menethil

  • Wallpaper
  • Layered PSD-file
  • Process GIF
  • Step by step description of my workflow
  • Timelapse video
  • Brushes (.abr)

Digital Art Package: Valeera Sanguinar (speedpainting)

  • 2 Wallpapers (original speedpainting & watercolor version)
  • Layered PSD-file
  • Timelapse video
Extra stuff:
  • Herbalism wallpaper & timelapse video
  • Val’kyr pin design wallpapers (yellow & grey version)
  • Sneak peeks of new merch: enamel pins, backing cards, stickersheets
  • All the tarot card sketches so far

The timelapse videos are incomplete (missing some footage).

Collector Tier rewards (Trello)

  • Commemorative buttons (2)
  • 1″ Wooden “Galaxy Val’kyr” pin
  • 1″ Wooden Mecha Pepe pin or keychain
  • 0.5″ Acrylic hearthstone pin
  • 0.5″ Acrylic mana pearl pin
  • 1.25″ Silver Val’kyr enamel pin with custom backing card
  • 1.25″ Golden Val’kyr enamel pin with custom backing card
  • 1.25″ Surprise Golden enamel pin
  • 2x A6 stickersheets with Warcraft herbs & crystals

September and October rewards will ship combined.

Reward Links & Passwords

You can download your tier rewards with the password that has been sent to you via Patron Message. The download link expires on November 14, 2019. The zipped folders may not be visible right away (or say 0 bytes for a while) until it finishes syncing.

  • If the password isn’t working, try typing it instead of copy-pasting. That should do the trick 😉
  • If your PC tells you the zip-file is empty or corrupt, please try downloading it again the next day, to be sure it finished syncing. If your internet connection is unstable, the file may be too big and the download could fail. If that’s the case, it’s best to download the individual files.
Digital Art downloads

Store perks

As a $2+ Patron you get:

  • …1 day early access to Azerite pendants & other resin jewelry
  • …coupons for free shipping and/or discounts
  • …early access to new (often limited) merch:

    I’m preparing a small store update (within the next couple days) that will have new resin jewelry, including Azerite pendants, Jaina & Sylvanas themed notebook packs (limited), the wooden chibi keychains and pre-orders of all the upcoming Collector tier rewards! Keep an eye out for a $2+ post with links soon 🙂

Thanks for your support!

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