Patreon Rewards 2019-01


Thank you for your support in January! 

With your help I was able to create:

  • Night Warrior (incl. Reference, Sketch, PSD, 2 Wallpaper versions, Twitter banner, Process GIF).
  • Lady Azeroth (incl. Reference, Sketch, PSD, Wallpaper, Twitter banner, Process GIF).
  • Tyrande – unfinished/abandoned (Wallpaper, PSD’s)
  • Giveaway portrait for Owlie (Process GIF)
  • Cartoony self-inspired portrait (Sketch/Lineart, Timelapse video)
  • 6 Concepts for the Tarot Card template
  • Heart of Azeroth, hard enamel pendant.
  • Lady Azeroth postcard
  • A5 Night Warrior fine art print
  • A5 Night Warrior notebook
  • Card Collectors Club (Wallpaper, Vinyl sticker, Fridge magnet).
  • I started a collaboration with 13 writers to eventually produce an art/story book companion to the Tarot Deck!

And I also included some cool brushes, great for inking and smudging!

Important update to shipping

January’s physical rewards will be shipped mid-March, combined with February’s goodies (if you also pledged to February).

Starting March, Patrons on the King tier ($15) will be required to pledge to both months in order to have their goodies shipped to them. I’ll add a $30 tier for patrons who sign up in the second month.

The reason for this change is to save time (2 extra days I can spend creating more art!) and to reduce production costs / postage fees. Shipping 1 month worth of rewards currently costs me more than I earn.

I do have enough financial wiggle room to ship a single month of $50 rewards. So Patrons on the Ace-tier are not required to pledge to both months. Your rewards will still ship at the same time as I’d normally ship both months.

Reward Links & Passwords

You can download your tier rewards with the password that has been sent to you via Patron Message. If the password isn’t working, try typing it instead of copy-pasting. That should do the trick 😉 The download link expires on March 14, 2018.

A zip-file is located within the folder. It may not be visible right away (or say 0 bytes for a while) until it finishes syncing.

Digital Art downloads
Physical Goodies

The physical goodies will be shipped mid March!

  • $15+: Lady Azeroth postcard, Card Collector’s sticker and Heart of Azeroth pendant (+keychain or necklace)
  • $50+: $15 rewards + Night Warrior fine art print, A5 Night Warrior notebook, Card Collector’s fridge magnet.

Thanks for your support!

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