Patreon Rewards 2018-03

Art challenge

March contest winner is Bethany!
…who won a physical copy of ImagineFX magazine – issue 158

April art challenge (not a contest):
It’s Spring! So this month’s art challenge is to design a cute little animal with a flower crown! (inspiration).

You may draw, paint or model your creation digitally or traditionally. It’s not a contest, so if you want to deviate from the subject, feel free to do so! These challenges are intended to inspire & motivate you to finish a work of art in 30 days. You can share your finished creation here:


Thank you for your support in March! With your help I was able to create:

  • 7 wallpapers
  • 1 twitter banner
  • 1 coloring page
  • 10 process videos
  • 3 step-by-step
  • 1 Process gif
  • 5 PSD’s
  • 7 brushes*
  • 2 playing cards: Genn and Aysa
  • Signed print of the Lightforged Draenei
  • Muffin recipe
  • 6 Watercolor textures
  • 1 milestone reward:
    • Strawberry guide + custom package to store seeds in

*From left to right: Cross-hatch brush | Void Tendril brush | Blending brush | Soft outline brush | Iris (smudge) brush | Eyelash brush | Skin texture brush.

Reward Links & Passwords

You can download your tier rewards with the password that has been sent to you via Patron Message. If the password isn’t working, try typing it instead of copy-pasting. That should do the trick 😉 The download link expires on May 14, 2018.

A zip-file is located within the folder. It may not be visible right away (or say 0 bytes for a while) until it finishes syncing.

Digital Art downloads
Digital rewards overview
Physical Goodies

March mail will be shipped on or before April 17. “Medium Goodie Bag” tier Patrons ($25 – $35) who pledged in February and March will receive some extra milestone goodies.

  • $15+: Patron of the Arts sticker + screenprinted patch, 20x30cm print of the Strawberry chart and a little custom package to store your strawberry seeds in.

    $15 rewards overview
  • $35+: signed 20x30cm print (Lightforged Draenei), Genn and Aysa playing cards + signed 21x14cm prints and the Strawberry chart + (empty) seed package. February patrons will also receive the Tyrande card + print and numbers 2-10 of Clubs, a signed print of the Witchy Greenhouse, Dragons cardstock print, Donuts mini-poster, and Patron of the Arts sticker + patch.
$25 rewards overview (february and milestone goodies are not pictured)
  • $50+: all of the above + A5 softcover notebook with Alexstrasza & Ysera playing card artwork.
$50 rewards overview

Thanks for your support!

Shop coupons

  • April’s coupon code will be created as soon as my pin order arrives. It will be a discount on all “Best Fren” & “Invincible” Enamel Pin pre-orders. The “Best Fren” pin is also an April reward for the $15 and $50 tiers (not $25-35). Shop link:
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