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Q: How does Patreon work?
A: It’s a crowdfunding website that enables fans to support their favorite creators with a small, monthly donation. Donations are called pledges and you can cancel, lower, increase or pause them at any time. Supporters are called Patrons. In exchange for your patronage, you’ll get rewards & influence what I create.

Q: When will I be charged?
A: My page is set up to charge upfront. Existing patrons are always charged on the 1st of the month, Pacific Standard Time. Increased pledges and new patrons are charged immediately. Paused, cancelled and lowered pledges take effect the next month. Patreon explains it better.

Q: I just became a patron, what now?
A: If your payment was successful, you will have instant access to my feed with patron-only posts. I will also send you a DM to welcome you & thank you, and share some useful links & info. This is not automated so it may take a day or two. Can’t wait that long? Check out this post.

Q: Where are my rewards?
A: Digital rewards are distributed via Patron Message on the first day of the following month. For example: June rewards go out on July 1st. All tiers except the $1 tier receive a monthly download link. The $1 tier rewards are available directly from my feed.

Q: How do I access my rewards?
A: Digital rewards are available through a Dropbox link with a password. These links expire after 45 days, so I recommend you to download them to your computer or personal dropbox before then. Physical rewards will be mailed to you within 2 weeks.

Q: I lost my rewards, can I get a new link?
A: Yes, send me a DM and I’ll create a new link for you. You’ll have 7 days to download these rewards. There are limits to what I will do, though. I offer this as a courtesy and I expect you to store your rewards safely and make back ups. I will gladly resend specific month’s or rewards, but I will not send new links for everything since the beginning of your patronage. Additionally, 2016 rewards have been archived and are no longer available for download.

Q: What’s the best way to contact you?
A: via Patron Message, email or twitter direct message @frenone. I prefer email because I cannot always reply immediately and due to the amount of messages I receive, DM’s are burried easily. I don’t check Discord as often as I should, either.

Q: How can I commission you?
A: Patrons get an early notification when I’m available for commissions. Since I rarely do commissions anymore, demand exceeds the supply and I cannot guarantee your commission will be accepted. Available commission types may be limited. I also reserve the right to decline commission requests.

I used to have a waiting list but it grew faster than I was able to work, so maintaining it started to take up too much time and therefore I no longer keep one. (Also, 9 out of 10 times the people on my waiting list never responded when I contacted them, causing even more delays and wasted time).

Q: Can I share your posts & rewards with friends?
A: Retweets and shares of my page or public posts are super helpful, as they often bring in new patrons! You’re also free to gift or giveaway your physical prints and goodies, as you please.

However, Patron-only content and monthly rewards are a Big No, for obvious reasons. If your friends are interested in my wallpapers or tutorials, please encourage them to support my work & become a patron too. For every milestone we reach, there are new community rewards & everybody wins 🙂

Q: Where can I find old rewards?
A: Your pledge is basically a subscription to the active month, regardless of the day you pledged (day 1 or day 31 doesn’t matter). You will get all the rewards available at your tier level for this month only. Older rewards are no longer obtainable through Patreon, though some rewards may be available through Gumroad or (soon) my own shop.

Q: Do you accept trades?
A: Very very rarely. I wish I had more time for these!

Question unanswered?
Email me.

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