Patreon Rewards 2017-10

Thank you for your support in October! With your help I was able to create:

  • 4 wallpapers (+ 1 bonus wallpaper)
  • 4 coloring pages
  • 3 twitter banners
  • 1 video tutorias for painting fabric
  • 1 illustrated walkthrough for applying gold foil
  • 5 playing cards (2 pictures + 3 numbers)
  • 10 timelapse videos
  • 2 PSDs
  • more than 30 custom brushes
  • and a stickersheet

Patron-exclusive 10% OFF + Free Shipping

In your Patron Message you’ll find a coupon code for 10% off on everything in my shop except fine art prints. You’ll also get Free Shipping if you use coupon code “november”.

Art challenge

November has an all new art challenge that is similar to inktober, but less challenging 😉 I’ll share the prompt list soon!


You can download your tier rewards with the password that has been sent to you via Patron Message. If the password isn’t working, try typing it instead of copy-pasting. That should do the trick.

Each folder also includes all the lower tier rewards. Zip-files are located within the folder. They will be visible once Dropbox finished syncing.

Art package
Tutorial package (incl. Art package)
Print package (incl. Art & Tutorial package)

Digital rewards: dropbox link
Physical rewards will be shipped on/before October 14:

  • $15 rewards: stickersheet
  • $35 rewards: signed Valkyrie print, Alleria & Illidan playing cards and print, and 8/9/10 of Diamonds.
  • $50 rewards: all of the above + A5 gold foil illustration of the Inktober illustration Pegasus.

Thanks again for your continued support!

Ps. If you completed the #mythicalinktober challenge (or another prompt list), I’d like to send you a postcard! Send me a DM or email with your Patreon username, address + country and an overview of your 31 drawings (link to an online gallery is even better)

(That’s not my hand btw but a mock-up from vistaprint 😉 lol)

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