Patreon Rewards 2017-09

Thank you for your support in September! With your help I was able to create:

  • 10 wallpapers
  • 2 coloring pages
  • 1 twitter banner
  • 4 video tutorials for rendering fire, water, earth and gold
  • 5 playing cards (2 pictures + 3 numbers)
  • 6 timelapse videos of Shadows of Argus, Book cover, Alleria, Witchsona, Arthas & Aegwynn
  • 1 “art-talk” about Art Blocks and 7 tips to move past them
  • 5 PSDs
  • more than 30 custom brushes
  • and 450+ badges (for the milestone reward) + acrylic charms (part of the $15 and $50 tier).

This month also had 2 milestone rewards: the Shadows of Argus wallpaper + process video (available to everyone) and the pin-back badges:

Patron-exclusive Chewie badge + 50% OFF

In your Patron Message you’ll find a coupon code for 50% off 1 badge-pack in my shop + a free Chewie badge. If you pledged $15 or more the Chewie badge will already be included with your print package. $25+ Patrons will also receive 1 badge pack of your choice included with your print package.

Pin-back badges are not yet available! They will be added to my shop next week.


You can download your tier rewards with the password that has been sent to you via Patron Message. Each folder also includes all the lower tier rewards. Zip-files are located within the folder. They will be available once Dropbox finished syncing.

Art challenge

September & October Art challenges are open to everyone. Patrons can submit their art on the Patreon Community feed, to be featured in the monthly challenge post. If you follow my #inktober prompt list, please tag your drawings on twitter / instagram / facebook with #mythicalinktober. I’d love to see your art and follow your progress!

Art package
Tutorial package (incl. Art package)
Print package

Your physical rewards will be shipped on/before October 14

  • $15 rewards: 1.5″ Lil Destroyer UV acrylic charm + signed  (small) print of the book cover art + Chewie badge
  • $35 rewards: Arthas + Aegwynn playing cards and (small) print, signed (medium) print of the book cover art + pin-back badge pack + Chewie badge
  • $50 rewards: all of the above + A5 gold foil illustration of the Inktober illustration Moon Rabbit + pin-back badge pack + Chewie badge

Thanks again for your continued support!

Ps. I have one more little favor to ask… Please vote for my Cinder kitten design in the week of October 23-29. in the poll by @ZapCreatives on twitter. I have a chance to win 500 GBP store credit, if my charm gets the most votes.

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