Born in The Netherlands in 1985, I have been drawing most of my life. Art took a back seat after I graduated, as I was working two jobs in marketing and fitness. I rediscovered my love for drawing in 2014. When I got my first digital drawing tablet, I took a self-guided online art course and I have been practising art every day since.

Early 2016 I turned my passion into my profession and I am currently working full-time as an independent illustrator. Most of my work can be found on Patreon, where I create beginner-level art tutorials, digital wallpapers, playing cards and prints. I still occassionally accept commercial client work and personal art commissions.

Previous projects I have worked on include character concept art, game (key) art, book covers, tattoo designs, mural paintings, illustrations, portrait paintings, and custom designs for merchandise. I also occassionally assist my sister with local handlettering & chalklettering projects. In August 2017 I launched my online store.

Business inquiries: info@frenone.net

Find me elsewhere: Twitter | PatreonSociety6 | Gumroad