My name is Kim, better known as “Frenone” and I’m an independent illustrator, currently located in The Netherlands.

I design and publish playing card decks for art collectors, casual players and cartomancers. I often add a few gimmick cards to make the decks interesting for magicians as well. I only use smooth, heavy-weight professional quality cardstock with a black core, making the cards less suitable for cardists.

Storytelling Tarot: the Nine of Wands, inspired by the Chinese waterfall legend.

While I work largely independently these days (my work is fully Patron-supported and crowdfunded on Kickstarter) I still occassionally accept commercial client work. No personal commissions.

Playing card decks I have published so far:

  • Aspects, Factions & Legends (2017-2018)
  • Chibi micro-deck (2018)
  • Women of the World (2019)
  • Battle of Heroes (2020-2021) Ranger cardback
  • Battle of Heroes (2020-2021) Azerite cardback
  • Aspects, Factions & Legends: Remastered (2021)

Upcoming decks:

  • Really Badly Drawn Tarot + Poorly Written Guidebook.
  • Storytelling Tarot with author Kim Wedlock.
  • Victorian floral poker deck.
  • Femme Folklore, pink gilded poker deck.

Previous art projects I have worked on include character concept art, game (key) art, book covers, tattoo designs, mural paintings, editorial illustrations, short comics, portrait paintings, and custom designs for merchandise like enamel pins and t-shirts.

Slayer of Stupid - by Frenone
Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions, available on Teespring.

Previously published decks can be purchased via my Etsy store. Prints, shirts and other merch is available through Society6. Embroidery patterns of my playing card illustrations designs for cross-stitching can be purchased exclusively on Make It Pink. Other cross-stitch patterns created by Sirithre and Damera are available on Etsy.

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